Link/Continuity Title Description
Episode 1 I Am the Original Immortal Once More With Feeling is a comedic audio podcast hosted by D and Zombifaction. Join them on their flights of fantasy, embark on a podcast once more with feeling! Yes it is in fact a Buffy reference.
Episode 2 Hipster Airheart Join D & Zombifaction as they discuss the problems with their personal lives, video games, racism and a bunch of other stuff in this episode of Once More With Feeling.
Episode 3 Davey Come Back Dave Chappelle we miss you...We talk about other stuff like movie ideas and cosplays but seriously Dave we love you.
Episode 4 Fish Holocaust D & Zombi discuss the horrors of marine biology, Peta and much more!
Episode 5 First Class No Class D & Zombi discuss the marvel universe, wrestling and the hypest turtles ever!
Episode 6 No Shit Sherlock D & Zombifaction discuss the writings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, suicidal bands, terrible movies and a lot more.
Episode 7 Welcome to Florida D & Zombi discuss their favorite member of Kids in the hall, more depressing movies, terrible things that make you sad and GAY SEX!
Episode 8 Church of Debauchery D & Zombifaction discuss the SCA, good old fashion sexy times, All of the kryptonites and how much we want to sell out.
Episode 9 Fear and Flashing D & Zombi discuss Hunter S. Thompson films and writing, old school adventure cartoons and their new school parodies, how much Zombi hates tumblr and D requests nudes from the fans.
Episode 10 King of the Podcasts Godzilla! So much Godzilla! Go see it now! Also Constantine and Troma movies!
Episode 11 Not a Comeback Don't call it a comeback, D almost died. We are back with a new episode and some explaining to do! So much going on in this episode.
Episode 12 Let's Get Gay Married We are back and here to stay with a nearly 2 hour episode that basically devolves into D and Zombi discussing old shows and Zombi revealing he is rainman.
Episode 13 Vampires Die All the Time D went a little crazy last night so to calm him we discussed Kevin Smith news and Zombi used his rainman gifts again.
Episode 14 Choke and Stroke It's time to talk about crazy ex girlfriends, pitching the greatest cop show ever, Family Guy hate and much more.
Episode 15 Dick Joke We discuss the comic series Fables, some darker tones like pedophilia, rape and death then round it up with some good old fashioned bitching about previous jobs! Also our first legit ad read! This episode of OMWF was brought to you by The Pop Shop.
Episode 16 Gathering of the Spinnakers Damn those darn Spinnakers with pointy hats and their love of cinnamon! We also discuss Marvel vs DC, Comics movies, ICP and more!
Episode 17 Three Way D and Zombi are joined by a very special guest Jessica! They discuss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, weird sex videos, the ambiguous nature of their big gay sex thing and more!
Episode 18 90's Revival D and Zombi reminisce about the show's of our past and how they were either horrid insane crap or pretty good, and Zombi won't shut up about Shovel Knight!
Episode 19 Otter Betrayal D and Zombi are back from an extended break. So much to discuss including gay rumors about Batman, Zombi's fears of all creatures of the Sea, the lengths that the Clerks branding has gone and more!
Episode 20 Fuck Howard Stern D & Zombi get lost in story telling about some stupid shit they did when they were younger in this episode. But then they discuss Ike Barinholtz, marvel comics being made by other studios and some other things.
Episode 21 Suicidal Whale D & Zombi discuss old school TV, new old school TV, how Megan Fox is the most useless person ever and they shill like it's their jobs!
Episode 22 I Don't Know What Happy Is... D & Zombi discuss romance and their inability to understand these things called "Feels", Panic! at the Disco ruining music, shitty people ruining panels, fighting games and more. Don't forget if you want to help make more better content support us on Patreon!
Episode 23 Gay for Pay all Day Back after an absence, caused by D breaking his hand...twice. This time we are talking about South Park's Bullshit censorship of their 200th and 201st episode, a great voice actor named Daman Mills, the greatness that was Moral Orel, we debate the merits of the 2 Doug series and more!
Episode 24 Lost in Buttholes D & Zombi discuss Duck Dynasty and racist cartoons, Zombi introduces D to reddit and nearly ends the podcast, they discuss comics again and more!
Episode 25 Fuck the Police After a slow start D and Zombi debate the merits of Captain America's shield, trade cop horror stories, we trade out fashion tips and more!
Episode 26 Stream of Consciousness (Live) Firstly sorry for the audio issues as well as the fact that the episode's audio gets to violently cut off around the 40 minute mark. The audio is available on the video form of the podcast but do to streaming and lack of foresight we lost out of some easy fixes. This is however the beginning of something new so much like episode 1 problems were bound to happen. We will do everything in our power to fix that in the next episode. Join D and Zombi as they dip their toes into the livestream, get it
Episode 27 Forever 27 D and Zombi go live again with much better results in this episode where they discuss buying shelf displays, the mid season finale of Arrow, the merits of Dragon Ball Z and more!
Episode 28 Let's Do The Science! It's a Happy New Year to us all, also a merry Xmas. This time D & Zombi discuss Homestuck, the difference between mammals and fish, the confusing topics of racism and feminism and so much more! Also check out that crazy sexy story we talked about in the podcast!
Episode 29 Mighty Morphin' Murder Rangers We are back! Holy shit we are finally back and what are we going to talk about after such a long time apart? Buttsex? Maybe a little but really it's time to rail on some anti-vaccers, discuss power rangers killing non-monsters, Batman again! Not to mention so much more!
Episode 30 Why is He Back?! This week we deal with the loss of the multi-talented Monty Oum, we discuss the movie juggernaut that was Mystery Men, Zombi gushes about his obsession with voice actors the he subjects everyone to the horrible films that are rattling around his head every day. Out of nowhere Randy Quaid bursts onto the scene and fucks his wife on camera for us all to vomit to and so much more!