Saturday, August 9, 2014

Movies With Feeling: TMNT (2014)

So this weeks review is the revamp of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise. I will give only one warning, simply because I enjoyed it immensely. This is not a movie for skeptics.

As a kid I obsessed over the old trilogy. Always playing the "bad ass loner who doesn't need anybody" character type of Raph. Obtaining every form of the toys I could get my stubby little sausage fingers on, because I knew the magic that comes from loving this franchise.

The thing I have to say about this film is that it reawakened that kid in me. It all seemed familiar in some ways, yet still completely new. Other than shredder, each character manages to stay true to their original personality and form, but in the present age.

Keep in mind that it is now 2014, the references needed updated. Though they manage to keep the essential quirks we love about the turtles. Such as Mikey's playful skateboarder persona, Raph's question of authority, or Donnie's love of gadgets.

At this point I'm going to bring up the elephant in the room, the fact that the origin story was severely changed. This in my opinion did not in any way deter from the series. The origins were vague at best originally which should give it some leeway. That being said, there were some very interesting points brought up describing their mutation that give them quite an advantage. The very fact that the film went in depth of their abilities really drew me in.

To summarize the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie experience I will state this; after watching it I know three things are certain, any true fan will love it, pizza is still a favorite, and the word "cowabunga" will always be cool. I am giving this 8/10.

Rating 8/10: Check it out!

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